ORA provides innovative design services to community-focused organizations with particular emphasis on the design of cultural facilities, collaborative workspaces, and public gathering places. We focus on creating transformative architecture that enhances each client’s ability to achieve their mission on all levels, with environmental, economic and social sustainability at the forefront.

We accomplish more with less, offering large firm expertise with small firm responsiveness and personal approach. Through open-minded exploration, each design evolves to express the project’s unique context, program and values.


Visionary / Practical: We thrive on the dynamic challenge of creating designs that are visionary and responsive to program and site, with careful attention to meeting tight budgets, schedules, and functional needs.

Adaptive / Sustainable: We believe that adaptability and sustainability are fundamentally linked. We strive to anticipate and celebrate future change, knowing that highly flexible spaces are ultimately more sustainable and affordable over time.

Modern / Timeless: As we forge ahead with contemporary innovations, we never lose sight of time-proven principles and values. We strive to create timeless built environments that are contemporary while evoking time-tested traditions and values.

Community / Culture: We are passionate about creating places that enhance the vitality of our communities and cultures. We dedicate a significant portion of our time to pro-bono services for non-profits and clients serving communities in need.


Open-Minded Exploration: We allow room for unexpected discoveries, new insights, and a compelling shared vision. We believe in exploring alternatives even when there seems to be an obvious answer – inevitably the study of options leads to deeper understanding and greater insights.

Inclusive Process: We believe that reaching out to all concerned parties enables comprehensive exploration and broadens support for the shared project vision. Careful listening and clear communication is fundamental at every step along the way.

Research and Analysis: We commence each project with comprehensive information gathering and analysis of existing conditions, comparable facilities, client goals, site context, and technical considerations – all critical to developing inspired and appropriate designs.

Documentation and Quality Assurance: Our commitment to follow-through is fundamental to achieving each project’s full potential. Our successful project delivery record is founded on well-coordinated documents, prompt responsiveness, clear communication, and creative problem-solving throughout the design and construction process.

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