Seattle Office of Planning and Community Development Open House

We are excited to announce and celebrate the completion of the Seattle Office of Planning and Community Development (OPCD) Tenant Improvement. The project involved 8,446sf of office interior renovation on floor five of the Seattle City Hall. ORA coordinated rigorously with the client team, project managers, security representatives, consultants, and contractors to quickly and feasibly design and complete construction. ORA worked closely with client staff, attentive in meeting user needs while raising the bar for innovative Seattle city office design.

Along with upgrading finishes and circulation, the largest factor in the improvement was demolishing sixteen private office spaces along the north and west exterior edges of the site, allowing natural light to permeate the much-needed open space. During the Open House, City Hall officials praised the teams involved in the project delivery, commenting that the OPCD Project is one of the city’s best new work spaces and a great reflection of the importance of breaking down silos to improve collaboration and creativity.

Image Credits: Cody Cobb, Stephanie Hsie

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