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UCSD Mandeville Center

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UCSD Mandeville Center
UCSD Mandeville Center


As a principal at LMN Architects, Owen Richards led the programming and design for the renovation of auditorium, rehearsal, stage support, and public spaces at Mandeville Arts Center. The Center serves as an architectural and cultural focal point within the University of California San Diego campus. The auditorium was reshaped to improve sightlines, intimacy, and acoustic quality, with added adjustable acoustics to improve musical performance capabilities for student groups as well as community orchestra and other visiting musical groups. The theater was also designed for lectures, films, and cultural festival performances. The existing internalized lobby was transformed to enhance the connection with the surrounding campus and express the Center’s focal importance to campus cultural life. Sustainable design features include energy efficiency upgrades and natural ventilation in the lobby. To assure that the full range of user groups were fully engaged in the design process, the university and design team organized a series of work-shops that created a shared vision for the transformation of the space, enhancing the project support throughout the university and community. The design team provided renderings and additional support materials to assist with fundraising.

Image Credits: LMN

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